Annual Parish Meeting is on 5th May at 7:30pm online and later on playback

The 2021 Annual Parish Meeting is on Wednesday 5th May at 7:30pm via Zoom – Meeting ID: 948 0039 9909     Passcode: 956049

Following approval by the chairman, the Parish Council hopes to provide a recording of the meeting within 48 hours and will publish it in a later blog entry..

All Parishioners were encouraged to attend; you do not have to ask a question.

The next Council meeting was  on Tuesday 4th. May 2021 at 7:30pm via Zoom  The list of meeting minutes and agendas can be seen here

2 thoughts on “Annual Parish Meeting is on 5th May at 7:30pm online and later on playback

  1. Dr Myron Tytko says:

    I realise there are restrictions due to COVID holding the Annual Parish Council meeting this year.
    But posting such an underwhelming agenda with only 24 hours notice on your website is hardly going to encourage parishioners to attend.
    It’s almost like you don’t want to hear our views.
    With so much going on, especially East West Rail and how that impacts our Village , very disappointing to see this missed opportunity for the council to engage parishioners even if it is on Zoom.

    • richard elleray says:

      Dr Tytko,

      Thank you for your comments, duly noted.

      The Annual Parish Meeting agenda has been on the village noticeboard since at least the 27th April (as is required) ; the website announcement of the meeting was updated with the specific zoom details later.

      The agenda, as in previous years is concise. the Chairman, apparently, is concentrating on EWR in his talk.

      Everyone’s views can be expressed at the meeting are in the ‘Open Forum’

      Parishioners have always been encouraged to attend and voice their view, comment, and ask questions at every Parish Council meeting.

      There will be an offline recording of the Annual Parish Meeting available within 48 hours for those who cannot attend ‘live’.

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