Comberton Parish Council Pond clearance tender

Comberton Parish Council are looking for a contractor to remove all silt, overgrown vegetation and central island and reline the village pond.

  • This will include removing all sediment and water from the pond and taking this away.
    Removing the weeds and reeds from the pond and surrounding areas
    Removing the central island.
    Relining the pond with a clay base to ensure that water stays in the pond all year.

The pond suffers from drying up each year and the Parish Council would like to ensure that it is both an attractive feature of the village again and one which enhances the ecosystem. An ecological survey has been carried out. During the summer, the pond has very low or no water and this may be the best time to carry out the work.

  • Traffic management will also have to be considered due to the pond being on a crossroads in the village.
  • The site will also require heras fencing and a full health and safety risk assessment will be required by the contractor before work commences.
  • Depending on the water levels of the pond, the water will have to be pumped out and removed.

This was advertised on the Government Contracts site since it is quite expensive but,  based on preliminary quotes, not as much as the £25k value on the contracts site.

Contact the [at]">Parish Clerk for further details