Parking Enforcement Works in Comberton

Cambridgeshire County Council (CCC), in partnership with South Cambridgeshire District (SCDC) and the Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) have resolved to bring Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE) to the District of South Cambridgeshire.

CPE, is a system of parking governance that allows the Highway Authority, CCC, the power to carry out parking enforcement using its own agents rather than relying on the Constabulary to provide that function.

In order to be able to carry out this service, surveys have been undertaken of the condition of the regulatory signs and lines on the highway within the District. The signs and lines need to be in an enforceable condition.

CCC Highways Service operators will be working in the area, either maintaining or installing regulatory equipment.

dates are as follows

9th-10th March

Barton Road
Fox’s Way
Harbour Avenue

5th-6th  April

Barton Road
Harbour Avenue

One might expect restricted parking near to the line remarking areas so look for warning signs.