EWR on-line interactive consultation and other events

EWR On-Line consultation

EWR have released their online consulation rooms where you can see their proposals in more detail.

Click here to visit it or here to go to the area near Comberton

An especially usefull addition is the online interactive map – choose the Clapham to Eversdens one ! Here’s a short cut View the Clapham Green to The Eversdens interactive map.

NEW 20th May

Live chat public events

EWR will be holding weekly, two-hour live chat sessions where members of the public will be able to engage with the EWR Co project team to ask questions. All you need to do is visit any of their virtual consultation rooms and open the chat box function on the screen to chat directly to a member of the East West Rail team. The chat box appears in the bottom corner in a blue speech bubble, as shown below. Please note: Depending on your security permissions, you may need to disable pop ups in order to see and use the tool.

Public live chat week 7: Thursday 20 May, 10am – 12pm (new)

Public live chat week 7: Saturday 22 May, 10am-12pm

It is hoped that the Parish Council will hold a consultation in May to allow you to voice comments prior to submitting your response.

The Eversden Parish council hosted mayoral hustings on the 7th of April that was focussed on EWR. A YouTube streaming of the 1hour plus event can be seen here

In addition there are Geographically based public events. The first public event, or webinar, in your area will give you an overview of the project, the consultation and a summary of the EWR proposals in the named area followed by a question and answer session.The second public event, or webinar, will give you greater detail of what most interests local communities in your area such as the environment, cost and the benefits of the project, followed by a question and answer session.

Public event one* Thursday 15 April 11am – 12pm Rescheduled (see below: events two and three)
Public event two (new) Tuesday 20 April 4pm – 5pm Joining instructions: Please join by following this link.
Public event three (new) Wednesday 21 April 7pm – 8pm Joining instructions: Please join by following this link.
Public event four Tuesday 11 May 2pm – 3pm Joining instructions: Please join by following this link.

*Due to technical difficulties, this event was unfortunately cut short. Additional events have been added on 20 April and 21 April, as shown above.

East West Rail starts consultation for route options near Comberton

East West Rail have released their consultation on the Bedford to Cambridge section.

Although their document has a number of options only two cover the route from Cambourne to Cambridge. A separate re-appraisal of a potential route into Cambridge from the North (a preference of the Parish Council) is given several pages in their detailed route analysis document available on-line.

Their now-preferred route is via a Cambourne North station going parallel to the A428 and crossing over near Highfields Caldecote and then as an embanked line down between Toft and Comberton (near the layby) past Little Eversden, to the south west of the Royston Lane A603 It goes over A603 with a viaduct before heading to the south of Haslingfield, cutting through Chapel Hill to join the Kings Cross line near Harston.

A subset of the detailed consultation pdfs from EWR  are here 
concentrating on the Comberton related elements.

You should have got your formal consultation booklet in the post from EWR within the first two weeks of April.

It is hoped that the Parish Council will hold a consultation in May to allow you to voice comments prior to submitting your response.

EWR route 9 near Comberton

CPC pledges £10k support to Cambridge Approaches Group re EWR


Comberton Parish Council and the proposed EWR rail option

Your Parish Council is very concerned as to the effect the proposed East West Rail plans will have on our village.
The proposed route of the freight rail line takes it past our village just on the Toft side of the Village College. It could have up to 100 freight train movements a night as well as commuter trains during the day, with no benefit to our village. We just get the downsides of all of the environmental damage and noise and diesel pollution.
Comberton PC has pledged £10,000 to support Cambridge Approaches legal action to challenge EWR on this route in favour of consideration of a northern approach. (The Parish Council believes the best route would be a northern approach to support the new town of Northstowe and link in with Cambridge North.)
However, it was pledged on condition that we had demonstrated support from the village. Other villages in the area have already pledged their support with donations totalling £60,000. With our donation Cambridge Approaches will have met their target of fund raising, to take the necessary legal action against EWR in order to protect our village and surrounding villages from this devastating plan.
As such CPC need your support in this endeavour. Please consider sending our Clerk an e-mail of support for our proposed donation. Of course if you disagree, you can likewise send an e-mail to that effect as well. The Clerk’s e-mail address is: [at]


Comberton Parish Council agreed at its December 2020 meeting to set up its own working group and to join forces with Eversden’s EWR working group.

The Group’s campaign is founded on six key assumptions:

  1. The threat to our local environment, communities and infrastructure, posed by the East West Rail
    project, is real and severe.
  2. East West Railway Company’s current choice of route option E is not acceptable.
  3. We must lobby for a full and fair evaluation of a better way: a northern approach into Cambridge.
  4. We must act now before it is too late.
  5. We must work with other communities to achieve a strong, united voice.
  6. We can each do something to help.

If you have any questions about our campaign please read the Campaign news and information click here.