Nine Comberton Parish Councillors elected uncontested

Nine people were elected with contest for Comberton Parish Council as shown in the attached.

They will be formally confirmed as Parish Councillors at the may CPC Meeting subject to signing acceptance papers.

There are a few vacancies on the Council should you wish to join. Contact the Parish Clerk for details

Returning Officer’s notice of Comberton Election is here – notice-of-uncontested-election-comberton

District and Parish Council nominations closed on Tuesday 5th !!!! Update !!!

The next bout of local elections is coming up in May 2022. COMBERTON needs YOU.

Are you passionate about your community? Do you want to help make a long-lasting change? Do you have innovative ideas for the council? Do you have concerns about a specific issue and want to do something about it? If this is you, then Comberton needs you. We need people from all backgrounds and experiences who reflect our community to put themselves forward for election. #MakeAChange and become a councillor.

District and Parish Council nominations closed on Tuesday 5th at 4pm in person at SCDC !

There were 9 parish councillors nominated for the Parish Council from May 2022, no election is needed.



CPC Data Audit 2022 and added policies…

Comberton Parish Council recently uploaded its Data  Audit and four policy updates…