Parish Plans for the 21st Century

In the millennium year of 2000 Comberton Parish Council decided that it needed to refocus its vision for the future of the village. So much was going on that it was easy to concentrate on all the routine tasks demanding immediate attention rather than stepping back and planning a clear way ahead with a focus on those tasks that were important to the whole community.

Over the next year a village appraisal was undertaken, starting by involving key stakeholders and then designing and administering a questionnaire which went out to every household to be responded to by the whole population. The excellent team of volunteers involved ensured that a return rate of 80% was achieved, giving real weight to the results produced. These results were then professionally compiled and presented to the village. In the six months following the publication teams of volunteers were brought together to concentrate thought on the five main areas of the results and draw up the core of the ‘Parish Plan’ which is available in full on this website. The questionnaire used to evolve the plan is here.. CPC-PPlan2003-6_Questionnaire

This plan concentrates in particular on:

  • Physical Village Structure
  • Transport
  • Recreation, Sport and Community
  • Public Services
  • The Environment

In each area separate plans were laid out for action over both the short term and medium to long term. Short term projects aim to be carried out as ‘immediate wins’ over the next one year so that it is clear that the whole process has resulted in concrete actions and that people’s concerns have been heard. Projects that need to fit in with wider objectives or that require more sustained funding form part of the longer term plans. In either case the Parish Council, as well as the village as a whole, now has a set of laid down budgeted plans to work to in a pro-active fashion and which will form the core of their agenda as time goes on, in the hope that reactive decisions will become less as the village develops in the way that it has now planned for the next ten years of its own future.

So evolved our first Parish Plan in 2003 – you see it here… in summary CPC-PPlan2003-6_A_Summary 
or in much more detail here

In 2010 Comberton Parish Council decided that it needed to update the 2003 Parish Plan so you can see the resultant  2012 Parish Plan details here