Parish Plan 2003

The complete 2003 Parish Plan is available as a series of downloadable PDF files: one for each section or chapter as below, but  a summary ‘brochure’ of the Parish Plan, as distributed to all households in Comberton, is also available:

Alongside the questionnaire used to  find out what parishioners wanted…

The complete Parish Plan 2003  sectionalised…

0. Preface CPC-PPlan2003-0_Preface
1. Executive summary – CPC-PPlan2003-6_A_Summary
2. Introduction and background CPC-PPlan2003-2_Introduction_&_Background
3. Current nature and structure of the village CPC-PPlan2003-3_Current_Structure_of_the_Village
3a. Village Map 2003 CPC-PPlan2003-3_phardy_map_a4_landscape
4. History of the village CPC-PPlan2003-4_History
5. Structure plan for the area, as envisaged by higher levels of government  CPC-PPlan2003-5_Plans_for_the_area
6.Background to the village appraisal and details of operation  CPC-PPlan2003-6_background_to_the_village_appraisal
7. Outline results of the survey (in graphical form) CPC-PPlan2003-7_Final_Questionnaire_results overall
7. Outline results of the survey (in text form) CPC-PPlan2003-7_Final_Counts_text
8. Demographic information  CPC-PPlan2003-8_areaProfile
9. Outline design for future action and nature of the reports  CPC-PPlan2003-9_Future_Action_&_Nature_of_the_Reports
10. Individual areas for plans and action programmes:
– 10.1 Physical Village Structure  CPC-PPlan2003-10_1_Physical_structure
– 10.2 Transport CPC-PPlan2003-10_2_Transport
– 10.3 Recreation/Sport/Community  CPC-PPlan2003-10_3_Recreation_&_Sport
– 10.3 Tim Wall report – Pavilion and Recreation Ground CPC-PPlan2003-10_3_TW_Final_Management_Plan
– 10.4 Public Services CPC-PPlan2003-10_4_public_services
– 10.5 Environment  CPC-PPlan2003-10_5_Environment
11. Parish Council history, statutes, action plans in hand, levels of budget and other resources CPC-PPlan2003-11_Parish_Council_Statues_History
12. Summary of long term plans CPC-PPlan2003-12_Summary_long_term_plans
13. Summary of short term action CPC-PPlan2003-13_summary_of_short_term_actions
14. Budgets and resource requirements CPC-PPlan2003-14_Budget_&_resource_requirements
15. Overall timeline CPC-PPlan2003-15_Timeline
16. Conclusion CPC-PPlan2003-16_Conclusion

This was adopted by the Parish Council in 2003/2004