Comberton Parish Council (CPC) raises its revenue (income) primarily through the Parish Precept which is determined by the full Parish Council at its January meeting, following recommendations by its Finance Working Group.

To support covering the Pavilion and Recreation Ground costs, CPC levies nominal match fees on clubs or groups using its facilities (Pitches and/or Pavilion). These can be seen here.

In addition it receives grants through South Cambs District Council (SCDC) in the form of a Community Levy (historically known as S106) which is provided by any development in the Parish, whether by a private of commercial enterprise. These are allocated by SCDC to various aspects of a Parish Council support of its community expenditure. They are placed by CPC into specific reserves for those aspects of its budget.

Budget 2021-2022

The budget was approved at the January 2021 Parish Council Meeting.

In summary CPC has budgeted to spend £124,269 (expenditure) with revenue of £62,850(income), primarily from its precept. It is going to draw down from pre-allocated reserves for projects in 2021-2022 leaving its general fund reserve of £45,354 which at 36% is at the lower end, but within, the recommended 25%-100% of expenditure.

Precept 2021-2022

The precept for 2021-2022 was set at the January Council Meeting, under a proposal from the Finance Working Group and adopting the budget outlined above, at £59,400, unchanged from 2020-2021.


CPC has contracts, which have been put out to quote normally from three providers:

  • grass cutting
  • street lamp electricity
  • pavilion electricity, water and telephone services
  • payroll service.

It does not publish the value of contracts due to commercial sensitivity.

Members Allowances and Expenses

CPC does not provide allowances to its Councillors, but it does refund any expenses incurred when on CPC business upon submission of receipts and approval by full Council.

Audit 2019 – 2020

The External Audit documents for 2019 – 2020 can be seen here

Grants can be applied for (it is recommended to do so well before the following years precept is set in November) using the attached CPC Grant Policy 2021   (revised Sept 2021)