Who we are

.. and what we do

Comberton Parish Council administers public funds for the benefit of the residents to provide and maintain play equipment, public seats, litter bins and such. It also contracts for some public services like grass cutting on the playing fields and open spaces.

The roads, pavements, fences, hedging and trees are the responsibility of the County or District Council, or the landowner, but the Parish Council will always take an interest in everything within the parish and liaise accordingly on a resident’s behalf where appropriate.

The Parish Council also acts as agent of the County under the Parish Paths Scheme to maintain and improve the thirty public footpaths in the parish.

Comberton Parish Council has up to thirteen Councillors that come up for election every four years. The Parish Council is the first stage in the democratic process, and aims to care for all the affairs of the Parish and ensure that at all times, statutory requirements are met.

The Chairman and Vice -Chair were elected at the Annual Parish Council Meeting in May 2022.

Chairman Mr Tim Scott Moat House, 65 Green End 263434  
Vice-Chair Ms Jennifer Martin 18 St. Thomas’ Close    

Ms Sarah Russell 52 Harbour Avenue    
Mr Andrew Hollick 73 Swaynes Lane 263089  
Ms Jessica Marshall 19 Green End     
Dr. Claire Michel  
Mr Simon Moffat 86 Swaynes Lane    
Ms Sarah Thomas 57 Hillfield Road    
Ms Chris Westgarth 85 Barton Road 263242  

Emails can be addressed to councillors in respect to Comberton Parish Council matters; a courtesy copy could be sent to the clerk. Email addresses are in the format initial surname at comberton dot org (without spaces like jBlogs@…..).

Parish Councillors should use these addresses rather than personal email addresses for security and to comply with government recommendations.

Parish Clerk Mrs Angela Bridges Tel: 07735 908 030 E-mail: [at]
Comberton Parish Council PO Box 300 ROYSTON SG8 1GA 

The Council employs a Clerk to support it in its work both at meetings and also between meetings. It also employs a Village Handyman to repair its village assets but more importantly to maintain the Village Recreation Ground and Pavilion.

The Parish Council would normally meet each month on the second Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm in the Village Hall. 

Comberton Parish Councillors were elected in May 2022 and an addition vacancy was filled in June 2022.

District and County Councillors and Member of Parliament

Their details and any reports that they submit to the Parish Council can be seen here


Each PCC Member must register their outside interests with South Cambridgeshire District Council, that may relate to the PCC or its business . For each member’s registered interests  refer to the SCDC website  Councillors page.


Your Comberton Parish Council sometimes has vacancies and warmly invites any parishioner who would like to serve on the Parish Council or wanting more details of any casual vacancy on the pc please write to or email the [at]" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">Clerk .

You should consider becoming a Parish Councillor if:

    • You want to do more for your community
    • You want to spend your time productively
    • You can think, listen and act locally.

As with most things, the more you put in the more you (and your community) will get out of it.

updated February 2023