Contact Details for Council

Chairman Mr Hywel Griffiths 18 Barrons Way 263390  
Vice-Chair Mr Tim Scott Moat House, 65 Green End 263434  


Ms Sarah Russell      
Mr Richard Elleray 30 Green End  
Mr Andrew Hollick 73 Swaynes Lane 263089
Dr Janet McCabe 3 Westcroft 263387
Ms Jennifer Martin 18 St. Thomas’ Close
Mr Simon Moffat 86 Swaynes Lane  
Mr Alex Feer      
Ms Jessica Marshall 17 Green End    
Ms Chris Westgarth 85 Barton Road 263242
Parish Clerk Mrs Angela Bridges Tel: 07735 908 030 E-mail: [at]

Members should be contacted only through their parish council email addresses 
(otherwise they may not be accepted as relevant to Parish Council business – GDPR edict)
which are of the format:

[at] or [at] 
as per
[at] or [at]

If you are interested in becoming a councillor then you should read this CPC co-option procedure and application form and then contact the clerk.

updated November 2021