Local & National Government 2022-23

In addition to our village – or in government speak parish – Comberton Parish Council,
we have other representatives –  any reports from them to the Parish Council meetings are reported here.

District and County Councillors

District Councillors

Harston and Comberton Ward Election

An election was held May 2022 for the Harston and Comberton Ward, when the following were elected

Ariel Cahn

8 Hereward Close
CB24 9LS

Phone: 01223 232186

Michael Atkins

Mobile: 07968 264637

Dr Lisa Redrup

15 Badcock Road
CB23 1LF

Mobile:  07855 324580


County Councillor – Michael Atkins

Email: [at]

Mayor for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough – Nik Johnson

Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Commissioner – Darryl Preston


Member of Parliament

Anthony Browne

His website is here

Email: [at]

Their respective bodies are :

the South Cambridge District Council

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Their news page is here

the Cambridgeshire County Council,

Cambridgeshire don’t seem to have a news feed so you will have to go here.

the UK Parliament