We have the full Parish Council Meetings whose agenda is published on this website (together with past meeting minutes) and on the Parish Council Noticeboard in Swaynes Lane at least three days in advance.

There is one formal Committee – the Planning Committee – who publish agendas at least three days in advance on this website and on the Parish Council Noticeboard in Swaynes Lane.

In addition we have Working Groups to cover various activities, and more importantly projects and their expenditure plans. They meet on an ad-hoc basis and report to the full Council as and when necessary.

Working Groups

Finance Working Group ( [at] )

Awaiting convenor Co-opted parishioner Elleray

HR Working Group ( [at] )

Cllrs Martin, Marshall, Michel and Russell.

Planning Committee ( [at] )

Awaiting convenor, Hollick, Marshall, Scott and Westgarth. Elleray (Co-Convenor and co-opted parishioner )

Pond Working Group ( [at] )

Cllr’s  Hollick (Convenor), Thomas and Westgarth. Other parishioner volunteers..

Recreation Ground Working Group ( [at] )

Cllr’s Martin (Convenor), Marshall, Michel, Russell, and Thomas.

Transport Working Group ( [at] )

Cllr’s Moffat (Convenor), Marshall, Michel,  and Scott .

Tree Working Group ( [at] )

Cllr’s McCabe (Convenor) and Westgarth. Other parishioner volunteers including R.Cook

updated May 2022

Historic Working Groups who haven’t met in 2021

Flood Working Group ( [at] )

Cllr’s Hollick (Convener),  Moffat, and Scott.

Footpath Working Group

Cllr’s Wesgarth (Convenor), Martin and Moffat.

South Cambs Local Plan Working Group

Cllr’s Moffat (Convenor) 

EWR and Busway Working Group ( [at] )

Cllr’s Moffat(Convenor), and Scott