Reporting Problems

Reporting an issue is devolved to authorities

Many of the day-to-day interactions you have with “the council” may be with your county (Cambridgeshire County Council) or district (South Cambridgeshire District Council) as well as with Comberton Parish Council. Thus the reporting of problems to each Council are split.

Who to contact / contact details What for
Comberton Parish Council
Comberton Parish Council

PO Box 300



Problems with:

  • Public Allotments
  • Benches
  • Bus shelters
  • Cemeteries
  • Floral displays, where provided
  • Play areas / recreational parks
  • Village Halls
    (ours is leased to the Comberton Village Hall who are responsible for its upkeep and provision of facilities)
  • War memorials
    (Comberton’s memorial is the organ in St. Mary’s Church)
South Cambridgeshire District Council Problems with:

Cambridgeshire County Council Highways Problems with:

Cambridgeshire County Council Problems with:

  • Street lighting faults – report one here
  • Blue badge misuse
  • Flooding
  • Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults

Flooding Information and reporting

Flooding responsibilities chart

To register for East Anglia Water  notifications if in an area which may be at risk:  has details of information on current flood alerts in place.